We are a bespoke consultancy firm specialized in providing Enterprise Development and Event Management solutions to businesses across Africa. For over a decade, we’ve honed our expertise in advising MSMEs on business growth strategies and supported countless businesses to use events as a tool for business growth

Managing Consultant

Mansa is our lead consultant who steers the iMask team efficiently. With over 20 years of experience managing events and providing enterprise development support to SME’s, she has a unique insight on how businesses function and utilises this ability to the advantage of our clients by marrying know-how and efficiency to deliver impact and results on all projects. 

As an Events Professional, Mansa has worked with over 100 companies planning their events and helping them to use events as a revenue generating tool, grow their business visibility or simply celebrate milestones and achievements. 

She’s also worked as an Enterprise Development consultant and supported numerous SME’s on their business building journey. Some of her achievements include helping businesses in her portfolio increase revenue by as much as 50% in under six months.


Mansa Ayisi-Okyere